Boost your productivity and become successful.

You are going to create the next Facebook or Google, or, more modestly, you want to open your online store of goods for needlework. You feel that there is a card for the game, but you don’t know how to do it … You want to be sure that this is the right time for your activity, you want to properly execute the project and, above all, eliminate all possible risks for you. run comfortably? Then these tips on how boost your productivity is for you.

1. Give up any idea of perfectionism. Do you have an idea that will change the face of the world, but you want everything to be perfect and the site to perfectly match your idea and reflect what you want to do? Well, you will never be able to handle this … This sad truth is very often confirmed. The more you want to do well, the less you will do it because your site will never be good enough for you … This is very often connected with the fear of failure, because it is sure that the best way to avoid crashes is nothing do So look differently. What is the real risk? That the site you are accessing does not have the success you want? It will always be infinitely more successful than it does not exist … Please note, the biggest risk is the risk of success. Like me, you will find that the most critical people, those who spend time proving that such and such an idea will never work, ultimately didn’t start anything. Advice! To Increase Productivity at Work when all goals are defined.

Your mentor, trainer or other person is usually a person who has already made a commitment and not necessarily in the same field as you. This is the person who will advise you on productivity tricks, without making decisions for you, and will be able to accompany you in the most difficult moments. But in no case will it do it for you. To find a mentor, you can go through the Institute of Mentoring. If you are under 29, you can also contact the movie (Young Entrepreneurship Movement).

Of course, you can ask the person whose route you like. But be careful not to choose a mentor with activities too close to yours, complementarity is very important in this type of support. Your mentor will be there to support you too. Even if he pretends that he is not awake, he will do so without hesitation if you are wasting time. He is an outward and frank look that will always be there to ask you questions that you are afraid to ask yourself. I cannot end this paragraph without adding the essential condition that your mentor does not fail to remind you: you and only you are able to make the right decision.

And at that very moment you understand that you must do everything at the same time and, unfortunately, you do not have time. This is a very good sign, it means that you started well; Take a step back: what is your goal? What makes you vibrate? Why did you start? Never forget what prompted you to move from envy to reality (I must say, virtual), you have a specific goal.

Do you need to increase your visibility, to conquer a new market, for your personal satisfaction or more often to create your own business? Remember your main goal. With that in mind, strategy, priority management and everything else will come out very naturally. 5. Customer satisfaction. Quality. This is an element that often occurs when we talk about a known differentiation. Have impeccable quality. I do not put this in the first place, because it balances the desire for perfectionism. So what is acceptable quality? I will not dwell on the lack of quality, which, obviously, will make you a bad reputation. And you know very well how well she can follow you. I will focus on excessive quality, which is more consistent with my aforementioned critical points.

Acceptable quality or boost your productivity is simply the quality expected by the customer. It sounds a little silly, but if you do more, he will be as pleased as if you had just answered his request, but it will cost you more. And when this client returns or explained to his friends what you did for him, his expectations will be higher than the service, and the risk of disappointment will increase …

Once you start, you will still adapt to the market. Testing your site is the best market research you can do. This is especially true in the web world, because testing a website is usually much cheaper than testing a revolutionary machine or refrigerator.